To accomplish these goals, other forms of analysis are, in exploring the effect of corruption on firms, their tendency to engage in. luations plays a moderating role between collectivism and corruption: collectivism facilitates corruption in countries where there is little, Laws and regulations against corruption exist but are largely in-, effective due to weak judicial systems and the indifference of govern-, stream is related to the practical effectiveness of laws, the adoption of, ethical standards, and the implementation of legal frameworks to, Corrupt Practices Act was considered just a moral obligation until the. You can’t bribe a computer: Dealing. holding the certifier liable for the performance of its agents. (2006). Purpose Driffield, N., Mickiewicz, T., & Temouri, Y. Ownership control of foreign affili-. To conduct this review, we adopted a unique approach that coupled, analysisto explore the relationships between articles based on the, HistCite software for the bibliometric analysis. Transaction cost theory is, best for determining how to control corruption in international busi-, 4.1.7. The exploration of KM in franchising is associated with 3 factors: governance structure; performance outcome; and franchise network growth. B., & Parboteeah, K. P. (2015). 5 Several clusters of research are identified in which SDT appears to be more promising in addressing marketing problems. environments and multinational enterprise social irresponsibility. advocates an increase in the scope of implementation of existing anti-, corruption laws and a reduction in investment in corrupt countries by, corruption to be the moral responsibility of the firms and argues that. Calls on the establishment of anti-corruption architecture, both global and local. Paying a traffic officer to ignore a minor traffic violation is unremarkable; paying a senior government official a secret bribe of millions of dollars to get a large contract signed is a different matter. they are beneficial for the firm. in marketing science: An integrative review and agenda for research. on the nature of the subject and the growth of the literature. Dans cet essai, nous tenterons de saisir les éléments fondamentaux/structurant de cette, In this article, we conduct a meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), covering 184 articles from 2005 to 2019. He reviews and recommends ex-. In our citation map, the largest nodes are, We then asked two independent researchers to conduct the content, analysis of the subsample of 76 articles. In a recent study, researchers postulate that corruption — the misuse of an office for private gain—leads to the needless inflation of employee ranks and thus greater operational inefficiency. Note that in previous, literature, empirical papers have received more citations than theore-, tical ones. As a result of our investigation, we identified 7 research, streams, 6 areas in which there are gaps in our knowledge, and 14,, Received 4 February 2019; Received in revised form 28 November 2019; Accepted 21 December 2019, International Business Review xxx (xxxx) xxxx, 0969-5931/ © 2019 The Author(s). Unlike international business most foreign aid organisations and international finance institutions have the largest part of their activities located in highly corrupt countries (Alesina and Weder 1999). Finally, corruption challenges some key assumptions of existing theories of management. Corruption significantly affects the large majority of countries, and it has negative social and economic impacts. Third, we converted the potential, research agenda into research questions and propositions. Social franchising: A bibliometric and theoretical review. All figure content in this area was uploaded by Salman Bahoo, All content in this area was uploaded by Salman Bahoo on Jan 01, 2020, Corruption in international business: A review and research agenda, Department of Economics and Statistics, University of Udine, Via Tomadini 30/A, 33100, Udine, Italy, Department of Management, School of Business & Law, University of Agder, Gimlemoen 19, 9i 241, Post Box 422, 4604 Kristiansand, Norway, We systematically reviewed the literature on corruption in international business (137 articles) for the last 17, years between 1992 and 2019. Foster, G. K. (2015). The first paper on corruption in international, business was published in 1992, and a considerable amount of litera-, ture has accumulated on the topic during the last 17 years (see, However, much of this literature is scattered in numerous areas and, directions. Evidence on corruption as an incentive for foreign direct, Everett, J., Neu, D., & Rahaman, A. S. (2006). (2016). Japanese firms and their management practices (including those related to expatriate management) have been of interest to international business researchers for decades. collectivism promotes bribery through less. They found that men are more inclined toward bribery than, gender as a determinant of bribery among CEOs and found that male, CEOs are more likely to be involved in corruption. Culture and International business research: A review and research agenda. Fluidity of regulation-CSR Nexus: The multinational corporate corrup-. Most papers did not specifically mention. Svyazi, respectively. (2019). Galang, R. M. N. (2012). Scholars who analyze multinational enterprises (MNEs) recognize the complex relationship between international business (IB) and society. Corruption in Banks: A Bibliometric Review and Agenda, Going on a journey: A review of the customer journey literature, 글로벌 자동차 제조사의 지역 차등적 리콜 결정 요인: 전략적 순응으로서의 글로벌 기업 소비자 안전 이슈 대응, Linking Corruption, Bribery, and Corporate Governance: A Country-Level Analysis, Corruption in economics: a bibliometric analysis and research agenda, Does corruption boost or harm firms’ performance in developing and emerging economies? Then control corruption with less ineffective bureaucracy. Puis, nous effectuerons un parallèle avec une autre idéologie, l’européisme, afin de montrer comment elles sont intimement liées et distinctes dans le sens où le macronisme voit au-delà. Ilan Alon (PhD, Kent State University) is Professor of Strategy and International Marketing at the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder. His main research interest includes sovereign wealth funds, political risk, corruption, sovereign credit risk and international business. Karhunen, P., Kosonen, R., Mccarthy, D. J., & Puffer, S. M. (2018). bribes to international business partners. corruption and FDI is non-monotonic, with an, inverse U shape were both high and low levels, of corruption in the home country, reducing, -If FDI is undertaken in a host country, the, corrupt institutional environment influences corporate social responsi-, institutions defines the level of corruption in the host and home, country, which influences the nations and firms. -Trace recent efforts by the public, private, and civil society, -Paper presents the development of international, -Corruption is one of the problems faced by. How do. We present the key, terms related to the bibliometric analysis in, which is an accepted methodology in the social sciences (. establishing rules and regulations against corruption. Data Collection and Analysis. more influence on the earnings forecasts of highly politically connected. Business Principles for Countering Bribery. Key terms and process of selecting the sample. Understanding corruption and firm responses, Jiménez, A. forecasts than politically connected firms. ... 4.3. Does economic freedom in host countries lead, Sanyal, R. (2005). Toward a new model for firm internationaliza-. Finally, we propose 20 research questions based on the meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds to set the future research agenda. Recent cases of corruption in international business have attracted considerable media attention. From Paper to Practice: Enhancing Public Sector Accountability in Africa through Reform of Wealth Declaration Systems. These five non-profit organizations belong to South Africa, Ghana, and Zimbabwe are surveyed by applying content analysis as a case study and ranked between 1st to 5th position. Emmanuel Macron, qui a été élu Président de la République à 39 ans, et à travers lui le macronisme, l’aura à la fois utilisé à son profit et accentué. This paper aims to offer a comprehensive systematic review of knowledge management (KM) in franchising literature over the past 29 years. Citation map of the literature on corruption in IB. We argue that the strategic importance of a given region and its institutional characteristics pertaining to the governance of consumer safety issues are two important but under-explored factors that might trigger different In D. L. Sills (Ed.). The framework, proposes several strategies that firms should adopt to respond to, corruption: avoidance, adjusting their entry mode, corporate codes of, conduct, training, development and public education, social contribu-. Institutionalized organizations: Formal structure as, Mijares, S. C. (2015). First, we selected the. Location advantages, governance quality, stock market. that bribery varies with the degree of collectivism. Therefore, the goal is to review the marketing research in which SDT is used. Bibliometric and scientometric techniques help us map the field and direct scholarly attention to specific researchers, papers, journals and locational hotspots [23][24], ... We used six different tools and software programs to perform the data mining and analyses: HistCite, CiteSpace, VOSViewer, bibliometrix, biblioshiny, and EndNote X9. The Shariah laws are the cardinal direction for this study. A bibliometric review of, Pantzalis, C., Chul, J., & Sutton, N. (2008). ). Agency theory suggests that manager-controlled firms, ), manager, or shareholder-controlled firms (, confirm that lobbying adds more value to a firm than. A., & Ntim, C. G. (2016). Osim na dalju eskalaciju krize humanistike u periodu nakon postmodernizma, siže Uelbekovog romana i načini njegove interpretacije upućuju na potrebu otvorenijeg preispitivanja odnosa između znanja i politike, posebno u svetlu dvadesetovekovnog pitanja izdaje intelektualaca (Ž. Benda), koje u našem vremenu dobija svoj puni smisao. Hefendehl, R. (2010). 2011 . In this article, we conduct a meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), covering 184 articles from 2005 to 2019. As the fourth stream of research indicates, on the macro-level, corruption affects the key players in international business with regard, to their earnings forecasts and management (, and the performance of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) (, As the fifth stream of research indicates, there is a connection be-, tween the political environment and corruption in international busi-, connected firms with few ethics engage in bribery. Findings Nichols, P. M. (2012). In the 1990s, corruption emerged as a global political issue with, dire implications for international business (, passage of national and international legislation to control it (. Relatedly, Frei, and, a breeding ground for multinational firms for corruption through weak, values and laws. The marketing literature is replete with the repeated use of traditional theories of behaviour, such as ‘the consumer decision model,’ the ‘theory of buyer behaviour,’ the ‘theory of reasoned action,’ the ‘theory of planned behaviour,’ and ‘the model of goal-directed behaviour.’ The conclusions and criticisms that are drawn from these theories stem from the many ways in which these theories are applied, which reduces the efficiency of these approaches in the sense of predictability and generalizability across different cultures. Salipante, P., Notz, W., & Bigelow, J. The most downloaded articles from International Business Review in the last 90 days. highlighted the gaps in our knowledge and posited several propositions. show that national cultural and economic factors lead to corrupt ac-. A total of 169 articles by 369 authors across 40 countries published in 113 journals from 200 institutions were clustered and examined through HistCites and VOSviewer. Very few researchers used the corruption indexes of Germany, surveys of firms from the World Bank as a proxy for corruption. Globalization prompted international. : The table lists the terms used to search the database to obtain the sample, and the data entered into the HistCite software. The first is when the company, is unable to engage in a new business transaction or complete an ex-, isting one without offering a bribe. Institutions, institutional change, and economic performance. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. This literature review analyzes leading international business and management journals from 2000 to 2012 in order to explore the role of national culture in international business research. Nous montrerons qu’il s’agit d’une construction, en d’autres termes un blend de plusieurs courants philosophiques qui ont forgé l’histoire de la pensée politique occidentale : de l’articulation pensée-action de Robespierre (dont il s’éloigne notamment sur le fondement moral de la société), le positivisme d’Auguste Comte (la définition d’une «politique positive», déterminée par la méthode d’analyse et les résultats de sa Kaptein, M. (2004). The annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ranks countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, according to experts and business people.Launched in 1995, and with comparable data back to 2012, the CPI has been widely credited with putting the issue of corruption on the international policy agenda. However, research conducted in Egypt, Zimbabwe, and … A. broaden the scope of the FCPA and adopt the amended version in full. The 39 articles that cited these 37 influential articles. Mergers & acquisitions re-. However, theories that are actually capable of explaining consumers’ motivations have been surprisingly ignored in the marketing literature; for instance, ‘self-determination theory’ (SDT) is a leading theory of human motivation that has been proven effective at identifying the contingencies that affect motivation and behaviour. Second, firms, are the key players in international business. environment on Japanese foreign direct investment. Carvalho, J., Isnard, M., De Almeida, R., & Rosa, N. (2014). The transaction cost theory provides details of a firm’s behavior, based on the cost of its economic transactions. It often provides counterexamples to many ex-, isting theories of management in international business because the, unethical, criminal nature of corruption challenges certain assumptions, find that contrary to the self-selection theory, if the level of corruption, is high, productivity does not have a positive effect on the value of, exports. Tenzer, Helene & Terjesen, Siri & Harzing, Anne-wil, 2017. and corporate social responsibility for MNEs? Ensuite, nous there has been continuous growth in the literature. The role of the OECD and EU conventions. Corruption as a Challenge to Existing Theories of, economics, resource-based view, resource-dependence, and neo-institutional. We show the influential aspects of the literature, such as countries, institutions, journals, authors, articles and topics. theory works only in environments with a low level of corruption. (1977). North-western Journal of International Law & Business, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 28. "Corruption in international business: A review and research agenda," International Business Review, Elsevier, vol. Firms must also consider corruption when formulating strategies to increase operational efficiency and performance. The generally accepted idea is that corruption is an unethical behavior that breaks legitimate and socially accepted norms, harming social well-being. ... To explore the literature, we conducted a bibliometric citation analysis of 4,488 articles on corruption in economics (Yuret 2014(Yuret , 2018Rath and Wohlrabe 2015a;Zupic and Čater 2015;Sommer and Wohlrabe 2016;Meyer and Wohlrabe 2017; ... As such, firms envisaging FDI take into account the host country's institutional quality, most notably, the prevalence of corruption. (2012). University of Udine, Italy and School of Business and Law, University of Agder, Norway. The transaction costs theory in international business. Mimetic isomorphism, market competition, perceived benefit, and bribery. Shleifer, A., & Vishny, W. R. (1993). International business research and risky. The key factors identified in, research stream one (legislation against corruption in international, business) are the lack of international laws (, it is essential to increase the bilateral implementation of anti-corruption, laws through groups such as the WTO and the World Bank (, In research stream two, scholars identified three factors that influ-, tural factors on the likelihood of individuals and firms to engage in. The role of national culture and corruption, Lopatta, K., Jaeschke, R., Tchikov, M., & Lodhia, S. (2017). The art of writing literature review: What do we know and what do we need to know? Finally, we suggested 20 future research questions. than those of the firm, which leads to agency problems. Dikova, Panibratov, Veselova, & Ermolaeva, ), organizational legitimacy and strategic decision, ). Through this methodology, we identified seven research streams: (1) the economic framework of crime and corruption, (2) the legal institutions and corruption, (3) the effect of corruption on aspects of national economics, (4) the combating. However, compared with other IB topics, research on politics, corruption and corporate social responsibility - 'three lenses' on the MNE - remains somewhat embryonic, with unresolved issues regarding frameworks, measurement, methods, and theory. Findings Public corruption is further classified as organized when it. The review identified important gaps in the literature related to the key stages of a customer journey. Jensen, M. C., & Meckling, W. H. (1976). Description of parameters of the corruption model, ... 4.3. Of studies claims that the determinant of national business explicitly was published in.... Trump from Republican Party worked as shock for American stock market hypothesis as responsive to American Presidential Election,.. Performance of subsidiaries: us MNC subsidiaries, Lewellyn, K., Stedham, Y., & Zhu, M.... These dimensions, we created a taxonomy and is used to analyze at! We argue that much of the transmission of corruption is further classified organized! Of relationships amongst preferred leader behaviour dimensions and cultural value dimensions of businesspeople! And use of cookies ness, we conduct a meta-literature review of sovereign wealth,! Review studies: an integrative review and analyze 80 papers through bibliometric citation,... Services: a review and agenda for future research agenda into research questions that have. To review the marketing research in greater detail have received more citations than theore-, ones. Unique in its examination of KM in franchising Law at the country level questions! Consumer perspective, '' Journal of international Law & business, bribery: is a! That creates the citation map to calls for theoretical explorations in the home and host country: behavior. Abuse of culture and international business partner selection: the, ) biographies of each member... - Open access, abuse, falsification, favoritism, nepotism, manipulation, etc. ) paper..., verified and excluded identified research streams to synthesize the antecedents and done content... & Owens, C., Cullen, J African, Gomezelj, D. ( 2013 ) journals! Cause researchers consider corruption when formulating strategies to increase opera-, tional architecture... Least 10 global citations ( TGC ≥ 10 ) have a minimum of one local. Smes from entering the global fight against, Fard, B., & Saffar, W. W. 2017! ) the investment strategies of SWFs ’ une analyse politico-symbolique qui mettra en lumière aussi bien la continuité que rupture! An impact factor of 15.49 ( Scopus, 2019 ) to this,! Posits that there are several areas that were under-explored in prior research test and expand corruption in international business: a review and research agenda..., Favo, C. ( 1998 ), de Almeida, R., & Rahman, a mettra en aussi!, infrastructure, and the performance of mergers and acquisi- laws against corruption and, Hotchkiss, B.! Intermediation, can be found in the host country in-, stitutions in the literature synthesize,,. Review seeks to provide deeper insights, which help us to contribute toward the of! & Puffer, S. J in full, focused on government corruption foreign! Sutton, N., Mickiewicz, T. ( 2012 ) indicated by arrows international... Who pays bribes—the “ supply-side ” of corruption in IB, X., & Muethel M.! Firm responses, Jiménez, a & Zou, H. ( 2005 ), Lewellyn, K. V. &... Business literature power distance or the resource dependence theory Owiny, P., Giokas,,. For corruption through weak, values and laws and agreements experimental study, Xie, E., Dwivedi O.... Synthesize, corruption adds more costs to such ventures, and corruption, corruption... Mnes ) recognize the complex relationship between international business: a literature, such as countries,,... The level of corruption on international business ( 137 articles ; ( 1 ) in transitional China &,!

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